The Secret Life of Dogs & BabiesEdit

===Episode #603===

"Prunella's Special Edition" / "The Secret Life of Dogs & Babies"

Synopsis by: George4Browne - It's bacon! -- no wait, no... Comments by: KorraIsBack and MacumuLing


Some slightly familiar music is playing, but there's something not quite right about it. A group of four Rugrats-esque babies are playing in a playpen, making a tower out of alphabet blocks. Suddenly, a girl with yellow hair that has blue ribbons tied in it approaches them. One of the babies asks, "Veronica, what are you doing in Daddy's clothes?"Veronica: Daddy went to the food co-op and he left me in charge! You babies look a little hungry. I'd better feed you your favorite food, mashed lima beans!What torture! They've got to escape. The block structure! One by one, the climb up it and hop onto the back of a funny-Spike dog. A red-headed, glasses-wearing one (who looks like Chucky, although another of them was identified as "Bucky") ponders, "Why not just use the door?" He picks up an oversized, yellow key, and does so. Zoom out, from the TV to the Read's stripey couch, where Arthur, D.W., Pal, and Kate are sitting. A voice speaks out, but it's not Arthur or D.W. It's Kate! Kate: I can't believe this show! It's so unrealistic! If my playpen was that easy to escape from, I'd be in Paris by now! And where are the parents?!