The Great Sock MysteryEdit

===Episode #701==="Cast Away" / "The Great Sock Mystery"

Synopsis by: TheAmericanAlice -- Hey, different name, but if you see the dark green text, it's me, 'K?

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Pictures courtesy Jinora_victimizer and Dave. SYBAR This one starts out a bit mysterious, sort of like the part after the teaser in #31302 - "Francine and the Feline." In between two tree branches, we can see the back of the Read family household. The branches part to the edges of the screen so that we can see Mom exiting the back door. She's humming to herself and hangs up a sheet on the clothesline.

In the background, you can hear panting. The camera pans to a mouse squeaky-toy, which is then covered by a shadow. We leave the outside and go inside the laundry room. There, Mom grabs two socks and folds them. The music gets a little spooky as Mom hears a rustling noise.

The camera zooms in on some gardening tools in the corner of the basement and a pair of eyeballs opens. Whomever those eyeballs belong to throws out the toy mouse onto the basement floor. Mom's startled -- she heads up the stairs asking if it's D.W. that's causing the noise. The camera moves back to the eyeballs and the panting starts up again. It continues as the scene focuses in on a sock hanging over the edge of the laundry basket...

*** The Great Sock Mystery ***

Buster reads the title card. It's the one where Pal notices the empty circle and howls.

Written by: Peter K. Hirsch

Storyboard by: Stefanie Gignac

Presumably sometime later in the day after what happened in the teaser, D.W.'s getting dressed, and wants to know how she can wear her red and purple dress with only one red and purple sock.

Ah, D.W., master of color coordination. But you know what? Quit whining. Especially with this new voice actor of yours.

Mom wants to know if D.W. maybe left her sock in the hamper. (Mom Rule #1 -- Go for the obvious.)

D.W. has another idea. She figures Arthur stole it. (D.W. Rule #1-- Can't come up with a solution? Blame Arthur.)

Like the snowball, I suppose?

She thinks that maybe he wanted to use it as an ear-warmer for his "crazy dog." Speaking of Arthur's "crazy dog," D.W. notices him barking at Baby Kate and tells him to get away.

Mom: Relax, they're just playing!

Pal had apparently been trying to stretch the mesh of Baby Kate's crib using the powers of his mind...

Pal: (to Kate) She ruined my concentration! I was so close to making a hole big enough for you to escape.

Kate says that it's okay. He can try again later. She's concerned that D.W. seems to be very upset about her sock.

Pal: I'll say. Don't you people usually put two of those things your feet? Why does she only have one?

D.W. continues whining to Mom about how it's her special sock and that her foot's getting cold. Pal decides to go find it -- if he doesn't she could "be like this for days."

As was the case in #21802 - "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood".

Pal heads for the basement and checks the dryer. There's nothing in there but lint though. He eats some of it and then tells himself to get a hold on things. Snooping around some more, he spots something suspicious. On the floor are a brown hair and a fish scale.

Later, as Mom and Dad are moving the washer and dryer to look for the sock, Pal shows Kate what he found. Kate wants to know who they know who is "cunning, devious, and likes fish." They think for a moment:

Pal and Kate: Nemo!

Arthur's taking Pal for a walk. Wait, rather, Pal is taking him for a walk. Arthur opens the door to Francine's and says that Pal pulled him there.

Nemo: Well, well, well, if it isn't Arthur's runt. I wish I could say "Look what the cat dragged in," but, alas, I didn't have the pleasure of dragging you.

Pal: Hand it over, Sugarpuss.

Nemo asks what it is he's supposed to be handing over. Pal chases and confronts him. He horks up the hair he found in the laundry room.

Nemo: That's not my hair. It's brown. My hair is black and white. Are you colorblind?

Pal: As a matter of fact, I am.

Nemo retorts that he was never in Pal's yard. He says to ask "that silly toad who hangs around your yard."

Toady Wartface, as introduced in #11301 - "So Long, Spanky."... Introduced, and then forgotten, since we've never seen her again, at least up until now...

Pal wants to know who could have took the sock if not Nemo.

Nemo: Beats me. But remember that ham bone you buried in the flower pots last spring? It was delicious.

Pal growls at Nemo and Arthur pulls him away. It would seem that's going to be all for this confrontation.

  • * *

Back at the Read's, Kate talks with Toady.

Toady: Ever since I left D.W., things have been good. I have my own pad nearby.