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Welcome to the The Elwood City Downtown CoreEdit

This is a wiki website for the show "Arthur". Thanks to everybody at PBS & CINAR Studios.

Did anyone else notice that 2 members of BINKY, the HOLOGRAPHIC BAND, were at the P.T.A. fundraiser?!? Somebody made a goof-up, they're not even real! They also appear several other times in fantasy sequences.

Muffy's bits were okay, but not particularly good. The music video parody was only fair -- they could have gone much further in producing Muffy's imaginary video as a lavish production number, a la the music reditions in Spongebob Squarepants.

Ok, ok, I really did like this episode too. But two last thoughts... I won't ask why George is now incapable of writing a good song when three seasons ago, he was writing good poetryand I won't ask why the Tough Customers are now playing musical instruments when last year they were violating them... ;)  

Probably the most representative episode from this batch of Arthur's sometimes oddly psychedelic nature was That's a Baby Show. The general discussional topic it provoked was "What exactly is it that some of the people working on this show are taking?" I know what gives me that kind of a kiddie perspective: Jellyfish. Yes, the Radiate Ones bestow this sight upon me.

That's a Baby Show appeared, in subtle ways, to be about Teletubbies, but there was more. The regular show which Arthur and his friends watch is Bionic Bunny. In this episode there was a Dark Knight spin-off version, a darker/scarier version: Dark Bunny. (They are good about trends with this show. For instance the kids were hooked on Scare Your Pants Off club books at the same time Goosebumpswas popular. Then when Animorphs took over they decided Vegemorphs make Scare Your Pants Off books look like baby stuff. Of course you're about to read how they really feel about baby stuff, though!) After hearing Buster and Francine talking about it, Arthur decides he needs to see it.

Sadly, he has to wait for DW to finish watching Mary Moo-Cow. After it comes "the babiest of baby-shows", the Love Ducks, which is even too baby-oriented for DW. She doesn't want him to watch Dark Bunny, though, because shows like that scare her. He starts carrying on about how formulaic Mary Moo-Cow is, you always learn the same things watching it a.l.a "The Legend of Korra" or "blue and yellow make green". She retorts that "Bubonic Bunny" is equally formulaic: "bad guy comes and causes trouble, Bubonic Bunny gets in fight with bad guy, bad guy loses, the end". Can't argue with that logic. ;) Arthur convinces her to leave the room so she won't have to be scared by Dark Bunny.

But instead of switching the channel, he gets sucked in by Love Ducks. The show is thoroughly psychedelic: rubber-looking ducks swimming through colourful psychedelic patterns and quacking operas or classical tunes. He is immediately hooked by its weirdness, but he's also thoroughly embarrassed and tries to hide it. This takes much lying, to prevent his friends from discovering that he isn't watching Dark Bunny instead. He even tries to sneakingly buy the CD (he does buy it, but loses the sneaking factor when the cashier asks over the intercom if they have a copy in stock for him).

Before long Arthur is caught when Francine and Buster stop by to drop off a book he forgot (he needs to rush home from school to see his show). Naturally Francine blabs to everyone in school and he is tormented en masse... he can't go anywhere without kids walking up quacking behind him. But as he's walking home with Buster, claiming he'll need to change schools just like every other time he's suffered a mass embarrassment, Buster notices the TV stacks in a shop window and is sucked in by the psychedelic weirdness on their screens. It's Love Ducks, of course, so they go inside to watch it. Buster buys the CD as well.

The next day when the fun-making starts up, Buster asserts that Love Ducks is a cool show and droolingly declares "It is the single weirdest thing I ever saw!" Turns out, then, that pretty much all of the kids, Francine included, also have a bit of a Love Ducks habit so they all begin watching it together.

Hey, I wish I could watch Love Ducks. =)

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