===Episode #609===

"The Good Sport" / "Crushed"

Synopsis by KorraIsBack - Who's "Crushed" that there's only one episode left...

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As the scene begins to zoom in, we hear the moo of a cow and the chirping of birds. As we continue to zoom in, we see Buster, who's wearing a black, red-banded cowboy hat and a strumming a banjo. He starts singing a country song, apparently of his own devising: (Listen to Buster singing his song. <div class="floatright">Sound</div> 344 KB, MP3)

If you liked this, Buster does a country song about UFOs on the first Arthur CD.

I sincerely hope Buster sings no more this season.

Buster's country singing voice was bad in my opinion.


There are things that make me blue,

Like an old forgotten shoe, or a candy bar that I have never tried...

History tests are crumby,

Soggy toast ain't yummy, And the weatherman on the radio He just lies...

  • Ratburn hands Buster a paper with a red circled F.
  • A female hand places a dripping piece of toast on the rim of his hat.
  • It starts to rain.
SCREENSHOT: Buster with flunked test, and

soggy toast, sitting in the rain.

Or you're playin' with your poodle,

And he bites ya' on the noodle. You hit your head on the bed! (That's gotta smart!)

Shot of Muffy, inside her house. Turns out that Muffy's waving a toy mouse at the poodle. He's not impressed, and bites her on the nose.

What do you think it is Muffy, a cat? Come on...

I wonder if Fern would have a poodle as a pet?

Please don’t tell me that Muffy has a new pet now, and it’s that prissy little poodle thing! Doy, I’d just flop or something!

Muffy is a monkey, so wouldn't she have a monkey-dog relationship (refering to Japanese folktales where the monkey and the dog always try to prove who is better)? And I guess this means the dog wins!

SCREENSHOT: "Playin' with your poodle"
But nothin' feels so bad

Can make ya' so darn sad As when a babysitter Sits upon your heart, upon your heart, Oh, yeah, upon your heart...

Switch to Arthur's bedroom now, with a glum Arthur sitting on his bed. Buster's walking around in Arthur's room, still singing.

At this point, Arthur races towards the screen with a worried expression on his face.

Arthur: Stop! Cut! No more! (to Buster): You were going to tell them?!Buster says that indeed he was. It makes a good song.

Arthur starts waving his hands back and forth in a cease-and-desist type movement. Then he tells us that due to technical difficulties, there will be no show today, and like in #41002- "That's a Baby Show!", he tries to cover the camera with his hand. This time though, Buster pushes him away. Buster talks to someone offscreen.

Buster: Don't listen to him! He's just embarrassed. Roll the tape Greg! It's a good story, Arthur.By calling for Greg, Buster is directly addressing the show's director, Greg Bailey.

Arthur groans.